Scottish Government Publish Plastic Cotton Bud Consultation  The Scottish Government has released its public consultation to ban the sale and manufacture of plastic stemmed cotton bud. We really encourage you to take part in this consultation, which can be found here. For the following reasons, Fidra believes that a ban is the right course of action:  Plastic cotton buds impact our marine environment  There are, on average, 27 cotton buds for every 100 meters of UK beach.  Plastic cotton buds are not only aesthetically…
    UK Government announces a consultation to ban plastic stemmed cotton buds   We are very encouraged by the UK Government's decision to launch a consultation to ban the sale and manufacture of plastic stemmed cotton buds. The announcement illustrates the Government's continued commitment to tackle the pressing problem of plastic pollution. A Johnson & Johnson Ltd spokesperson stated: “We fully support the proposal to reduce the use of plastics in cotton buds in the UK. We recognise that…
Monday, 12 March 2018 13:47

Fidra on Countryfile

    Fidra Featured on Countryfile We were delighted to be featured on a special "Lothians and the Borders" episode of Countryfile last week. The episode focused on life in the Lothians and featured many of our favourite east Lothian haunts. Project Manager Sarah Archer and Research Officer Clare Cavers took Countryfile's Annita Rani for a walk along Gullane beach. Walking down Gullane's beautiful sand dunes, Annita said: "Just looking at it, it seems like a pristine beach." However, all…
    Scottish Government’s plans to introduce legislation to ban the manufacture and sale of plastic stemmed cotton buds On a cold East Lothian beach, Roseanna Cunningham, Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform announced the exciting news that the Scottish Government plans to introduce legislation to ban the manufacture and sale of plastic stemmed cotton buds. The Environment Secretary was joined by representatives from Fidra, news media from the BBC, ITV amongst others and more than 20…
Cotton buds—corporate change leads the way in the UK and Europe The Cotton Bud Project has been featured in the October issue of Oryx - a leading international journal of conservation. The Conservation News article describes the retailer engagement that has proven so successful in convincing retailers to transition from plastic to paper stems. The online article is available to read for free here.      
Friday, 29 September 2017 12:27

The seahorse and the cotton bud

The Seahorse and the Cotton bud... The Natural History Museum Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards always showcase astounding photography, and this year's finalists are no different. Within the final selection is a poignant piece by Justin Hofman who managed to capture a seahorse wrapped around a pink plastic cotton bud stick through turquoise waters. The image highlights the interaction of wildlife and marine debris that is now commonplace worldwide.
Monday, 21 August 2017 06:00

Fidra News - Summer 2017

Fidra News Summer 2017 Welcome to our new-look Fidra News, Summer 2017 edition. This new look newsletter combines our Cotton Bud Project and Nurdle Newsletters. We wanted to make sure we celebrate all of Fidra's projects under one banner, and hope you'll enjoy reading stories from all of our work.  To download a pdf version of the newsletter, click HERE.            
The Cotton Bud Project features among other expert suggestions to cut plastic waste. We are very proud to be featured in the Guardian Sustainable Business among celebrities, campaigners and experts, examining ways for companies to cut down on single use plastics. Other suggestions for reducing plastic waste include ditching plastic water bottles and straws, using novel materials and coming up with innovative circular economy designs, as well as introducing deposit return systems to encourage recycling.  Read the full article Here.  …
Sainsbury's new paper cotton buds have now been manufactured! Look out for these appearing on shelves soon. We've been sent these photos showing the brand new paper buds, ready to hit the shelves. As part of the packaging redesign, Sainsbury's have also increased the size of their Bag it and Bin It label to make sure the message is clear: Don't flush these buds!  Check out the 4 new designs here:
NEWS- Scottish Wildlife Magazine, July 2017. Progress on Plastic Cotton Buds Scottish Wildlife Trust's July members magazine features the successful transition of Johnson & Johnson Ltd., and the commitment of further UK retailers from plastic to paper stems. Here's a copy of the article: 
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