The Cotton Bud Project features among other expert suggestions to cut plastic waste. We are very proud to be featured in the Guardian Sustainable Business among celebrities, campaigners and experts, examining ways for companies to cut down on single use plastics. Other suggestions for reducing plastic waste include ditching plastic water bottles and straws, using novel materials and coming up with innovative circular economy designs, as well as introducing deposit return systems to encourage recycling.  Read the full article Here.  …
Sainsbury's new paper cotton buds have now been manufactured! Look out for these appearing on shelves soon. We've been sent these photos showing the brand new paper buds, ready to hit the shelves. As part of the packaging redesign, Sainsbury's have also increased the size of their Bag it and Bin It label to make sure the message is clear: Don't flush these buds!  Check out the 4 new designs here:
NEWS- Scottish Wildlife Magazine, July 2017. Progress on Plastic Cotton Buds Scottish Wildlife Trust's July members magazine features the successful transition of Johnson & Johnson Ltd., and the commitment of further UK retailers from plastic to paper stems. Here's a copy of the article: 
Paper-stemmed cotton buds will continue to be non-flushable, but better labelling is needed to ensure the message gets across!      
Friday, 07 April 2017 16:48

Nurdle News Spring 2017

The Spring 2017 issue of Nurdle News is now available with updates from Fidra's Cotton Bud Project, and news of other projects that you can get involved with.
The new Spring 2017 edition of Marine Conservation, the Marine Conservation Society's quarterly magazine, is out now.  Great to see cotton buds make it onto page 2.      
Fidra's Research Officer was surprised and delighted to spot the new paper Johnson's Cotton Buds in her local Tesco supermarket.       
But don't worry, an independent brand of cotton buds with paper stems will continue to be stocked by the department store.
If you are not near a shop selling Good Buddy cotton buds, check out an alternative source online while you wait for the changes in cotton bud stem material to materialise!
Waitrose was the first company who committed to The Cotton Bud Project, and its move from plastic to paper cotton buds in September 2016 was achieved with help from Polyco.

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