Thursday, 21 July 2016 09:31

Plastic-free beauty pledge

The plastic stems of cotton buds are often found littering British beaches.  But from September the stems of Waitrose own-brand cotton buds will be made from paper.
PRESS - Daily Mail Online, 16 July 2016. Waitrose won't stock ANY products with microbeads: store says it will also change the stems of cotton buds from plastic to paper in a drive against pollution and waste. The supermarket's crackdown comes amid concerns 'plastic poison' is harming the UK's beaches and marine wildlife. Read more
BLOGS - Sottish Wildlife Trust, 26 May 2016. 50 for the Future - Reduce Marine Pollution. The Scottish Wildlife Trust's Blog features their recent publication, 50 for the Future, a list of 50 things that they believe should happen in Scotland over the next 50 years to benefit both people and wildlife.    
PRESS - East Lothian Courier, 24 March 2016. Cotton bud bid to help the seas in change from plastic to paper. A North Berwick-based charity hopes to change the types of cotton buds sold in shops across the UK.    
March 2016 Newsletter      
PRESS - The Telegraph, 4 March 2016. Cotton bud sticks to be made from paper help save sealife. Toiletries giant Johnson & Johnson says it will stop producing plastic cotton bud sticks by the end of 2016 after campaign to stop them polluting oceans and littering beaches.  
Friday, 04 March 2016 09:47

Cotton buds littering Scotland's beaches

PRESS - Scottish Wildlife, No 88, March 2016. Cotton buds littering Scotland's beaches. Study the strand line of any Scottish beach and it's likely you'll find plastic cotton bud sticks among the seaweed.    
Thursday, 03 March 2016 17:20

Best buddies help marine life

Cotton bud brand leader Johnson & Johnson and UK retailer Waitrose are committing to cut plastics from their cotton bud lines to reduce marine plastic pollution. Visit the beach and you may well find yourself scanning the strandline for that perfect pebble or shell, only to find a litter of man-made objects amongst the natural debris. In the tangles of seaweed are lots of little plastic sticks, often mistaken for lollipop sticks or straws, but actually the remains of some…
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