The seahorse and the cotton bud

Cotton buds wildlife photographer of year

The Seahorse and the Cotton bud...

The Natural History Museum Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards always showcase astounding photography, and this year's finalists are no different. Within the final selection is a poignant piece by Justin Hofman who managed to capture a seahorse wrapped around a pink plastic cotton bud stick through turquoise waters. The image highlights the interaction of wildlife and marine debris that is now commonplace worldwide.

The winning images will be displayed at the Natural History Museum from the 20th October. In the meantime you can view the shortlisted pictures here

Sewage Surfer: This tiny estuary seahorse ‘almost hopped’ from one bit of bouncing natural debris to the next, bobbing around on a reef near Sumbawa Island, Indonesia. As a brisk surface wind picked up, the seahorse took advantage of something that offered a stable raft: a waterlogged plastic cottonbud. 

Cotton buds wildlife photographer of year






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