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Fidra Featured on Countryfile

We were delighted to be featured on a special "Lothians and the Borders" episode of Countryfile last week. The episode focused on life in the Lothians and featured many of our favourite east Lothian haunts.

Project Manager Sarah Archer and Research Officer Clare Cavers took Countryfile's Annita Rani for a walk along Gullane beach. Walking down Gullane's beautiful sand dunes, Annita said: "Just looking at it, it seems like a pristine beach." However, all too soon, they were greeted with the sight of cotton buds washed up on the shoreline. Annita was shocked at how many they found and the impact they were having on the environment, remarking: "In hundreds of years, these are going to be in our ecosystem."

Annita praised Fidra's work with the Scottish Government, who, in January announced, from the very same beach, legislation to ban plastic stemmed cotton buds in Scotland. You can still see the episode on the BBC iPlayer.

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