The Good Buddy List

Manufacturers and retailers can become Good Buddies with The Cotton Bud Project in one or two simple steps!

Please contact us if your company already produces or retails cotton bud sticks with stems that are made of biodegradable material such as paper, and you are not listed below, to join our growing group of Best Buddies. Also get in touch if your cotton buds still have plastic stems but you plan or would like to make the change, and start the process by becoming a Buddy or Wannabe Buddy. 

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Good Buddy

TCBP good buddies are cotton buds which do not have plastic stems. They are biodegradable, preferably paper and preferably FSC.

  • Cooperative Fairtrade Cotton Buds
  • The Body Shop Cotton Buds
  • M&S Collection Fairtrade Cotton Buds
  • Simply Gentle Organic Cotton Buds
  • Muji Cotton Buds
  • Muji Thin Cotton Buds
  • Essential Waitrose Cosmetic Tipped Cotton Buds
  • Essential Waitrose Cotton Buds
  • Organyc Cotton Buds
  • Johnson's Cotton Buds
  • Boots Cotton Buds
  • Sainsbury's Paper Stemmed Cotton Buds
  • Wilko ‘So Soft’ Cotton Buds,
  • ASDA Cotton Wool Buds
  • Morrisons Pure Cotton Buds
  • Lidl’s Cien Cotton Buds
  • Tesco Cotton Buds
  • Aldi’s Lacura Cotton Buds
  • Superdrug Pure Cotton Wool Buds


Our buddies have committed to undertake the change from plastic cotton bud stems and are well on their way to becoming best buddies.

  • Mothercare committed to change to paper by 31.12.2017

Wannabe Buddy

Unhappy as part of the problem and want to join TCBP best buddies? Contact us to find out how.

Get in touch if your cotton buds still have plastic stems but you plan or would like to change them to biodegradable material such as paper.